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The Project by Kat Lawrenson, Work Placement Student

The Divine Beauty Project’s primary aim is to restore the Burne-Jones windows and put in measures to prevent damage in the future.

While the windows are beautiful, a closer inspection reveals that parts of the stained-glass are cracked, damaged or missing. Damage can be caused by the condensation produced by people within the Cathedral, with the moisture on the glass causing corrosion and discolouration. Dirt becomes trapped by this water which means the glass needs to be carefully cleaned to prevent build up which can accelerate damage and stop light getting through.

Birmingham city air pollution and the effect of weather on the outside of the buildings is also a factor which can damage both the leading and the glass. As well as preserving the windows themselves, the metal grilles need to be maintained to make sure the windows are suitably protected against vandalism.

Without our action, damage can spread and worsen to the point the windows may be irreparable, meaning extensive preventative measures are required to preserve the windows for the future.

Kat Lawrenson University of Birmingham, Work Placement Student

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