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  • A Reflection of The Last Judgement Window by

The Last Judgement, A Reflection by Volunteer Gill Partridge

For about five years I worked in the Cathedral shop situated at the west end underneath this window. It overwhelmed visitors and I constantly explained that the centre was a destroyed city (which most people failed to see), that the very clean persons at the bottom were coming out of their graves, that the observing chap on the right was St. John the Divine from the Book of Revelation, that some people think the little boy is Burne-Jones (doubtful!), that Christ is sitting on the rainbow of the covenant, that the trumpet angel forms a sinuous line drawing the eye down through the window, that Burne-Jones seems to be the only artist depicting halos as red.

My personal fixation was the angels. Either side of Christ one is carrying a broken chain depicting the fact that Christ has broken the chain of sin and death, and one is carrying the book in which the

names of the saved are written. But what are the others carrying? It took me back to the Book of Revelation, and I suspect they are carrying the jars from which destruction is poured. The Burne Jones angels depict the afterlife in a way that is overpowering, calming and implacable.

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