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A Visitors' Chaplain Reports...

Monday 25th.June

A glorious sunny day, one of the hottest for decades brought many visitors from around the world to see the splendour of the Burne -Jones Windows. We had a large contingent from China, some Americans from both Texas and California, some Irish both north and south, some Germans, two Dutch couples, an Indian Hindu couple who had a deeply religious conversation with me on the power of Jesus in the world. One young Christian Afghani accompanied by his Christian Iranian friend and many from around the UK including Jersey. . All of them marvelled at the works of art and the deep Christian message of the Gospel that they convey so richly. But of course it took a Brummie couple to say the most profound thing of the day, they enquired, "Did Burne-Jones intentionally make all the faces glow with such radiance or is it just that the sun is shining today?" And boy oh! boy they did glow and by the end of the day so did we who are privileged to stand in such Divine Beauty and to show others what we can see and the truth they tell.

Stephen Record - Visitors' Chaplain.

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