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The Nativity Window at Christmas

A favourite amongst the brightly coloured Christmas greetings cards is one featuring The Nativity stained-glass window. It is a striking image, full of detail, perfectly capturing a moment in time.

There is sinuous and flowing quality to the scene and dark and a rocky cave seems to envelop the figures of Mary and Jesus in comfort. The tiny, swaddled baby lies on a watery island on the cave floor watched over by his loving mother, her hands rapt with joy and delight at her new baby. Attentively, Joseph stands nearby surrounded by angels.

Out on the nearby hills shepherds shield their eyes from the vivid light from a host of heavenly angels delivering a message of Jesus’ birth. Even some of the sheep seem to be entranced by the angels' presence and a deep wooded backdrop of oak adds to the epic sense of drama.

This window is on a north east aspect of the Cathedral and, as such, receives least direct light throughout the year. However, during these short days as we edge nearer to Christmas an early morning sun can illuminate the window reminding us, beautifully and appropriately, of Christ's birth.

View of Nativity Window from Cathedral Square

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